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Preaching Services

Been sick? Out of Town?  Or just need to hear it again?


Sierra Hills Baptist Church  features the expository preaching of Pastor Steve Wass. These clear and relevant Bible messages will equip you as you grow in your personal relationship with God.  You can also view the messages on Facebook at "sierra hills baptist church media page". 




Redeeming the Time Jan. 3rd 2021 34.3MB
Trusting in Jesus Jan. 10 33.9MB
Guest Preacher JJ Spillman Looking at the Multitude Jan. 17th 23.4MB
A Place to Turn to in Uncertain Times Jan. 24th 38.8MB
To Serve Him Jan. 31st 32.4MB
Bro. Smith Consider His Holiness Feb. 7th 22.6MB
Serving Him in Our Marriage Feb. 14th 29.6MB
Serving the Lord with the Next Generation Feb. 21st 31.8MB
The Perfect Body Feb. 28th 35.8MB
The Reason Why We Must Go Mar. 14th 30.4MB
The lifting up of Christ Mar. 21 29.8MB
Following His Example Mar. 28th 36.4MB
What Do We Get in the Resurrection Apr. 4th
Wisdom in These Trying Times Apr. 18th
Godly wisdom and its redeeming value April 25
Application of Wisdom May 2nd
A national treasure May 9
To Enlist in the Lord's Work May 16th

Recent Sunday Evening Messages by Pastor Steve Wass

Malachi 3- Israelis' response
Gods promise in Malachi
Fellowship of the family Jan.3
Serve to be great Jan 31
Consider his omniscience Feb.7
Examples of Marriages Feb.14
Ten life changing proofs Feb. 21
Replacing God with images Feb. 28
Reaching all the world for Christ Mar.7
Uplifting his Holy name Mar.14
Keeping the Sabbath
First horizontal commandment Mar.28
What is your role in the resurrection?
The fields are white April 11
The sanctity of life April 18
Commandments against others
When Satan attacks May2
Importance of Mother May 9
Covertness may 16

Recent Wednesday Evening Messages by Pastor Steve Wass

The need for wisdom in 2021 Jan.13
If my people...Jan20
The Closeness of God's people
Stand and not fall away Feb.3
Faithfull legacy Feb.10
Stir up the spirit Feb.17
What it takes to stir the pot Feb.24
The Holy calling Mar. 3
Timothy, Paul's spiritual son Mar. 10
The enduring Christian Mar.17
Keeping the faith in hard times Mar.24
Timothy follows Paul's example Mar. 31
What gain is there in persecution? April 7
The need for study April 14
The need to flee April 21
Action words in Paul's teaching April 28
Proper way to deal with problems April 5
The coming apostasy May 12

Sunday School

Ways to be a blessing to your preacher Nov. 13
Daniel Ryan the gift of the season Dec.22
Bro. Smith The Light of Christmas Dec. 24th
Bro. Walker Jan 22nd
The Definitionof Love .mp4
Daniel Ryan The Prayer of the Psalmist Mar. 7th
Bro. Dan Sutton Pick Up The Phone Apr. 11th