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Sierra Hills Baptist Church  features the expository preaching of Pastor Andrew Billings. These clear and relevant Bible messages will equip you as you grow in your personal relationship with God.




 Recent Sunday Morning Messages by Pastor Andrew Billings

The Ideal Woman May 14th.
Living With The Enemy June 4th
The Horrors Of Hell June 11th
Being Dad June 18th
P.U.S.H. June 25th
I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb July 2nd
Jonahs Powerful Prayer July 16th
Understanding God's Will July 23rd

Recent Sunday Evening Messages by Pastor Andrew Billings

When Temptations Come Knocking June 4th
Three Big Temptations In Life June 11th
Remember June 18th
How Big Are Your Dreams June 25th
What Hezekiah Did July 2nd
The Christian Soldier July 23rd

Recent Wednesday Evening Messages by Pastor Andrew Billings

Setting the Right Priorities May 10th.
Attitudes of spiritual Growth May17th
Prioritize your Spiritual Life June 7th
What do Christians think July 5th.

Guest Preachers

Pastor Mershon July 9th
Pastor Mershon July 9th pm
Pastor Mershon July 10th 50 Year Revival
cibpf meeting session 1 July 11th
pastor paul mershon July11th.
CIBPF Paul Marshon july 11
CIBPF Meeting Tom King july 11th
cibpf meeting session 1 july 11th
Pastor Mershon July 12th
Where Did The People Go July 16th Glenn Smith
Sammy S. July 19th