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Sierra Hills Baptist Church  features the expository preaching of Pastor Andrew Billings. These clear and relevant Bible messages will equip you as you grow in your personal relationship with God.




 Recent Sunday Morning Messages by Pastor Andrew Billings

Why Is It So Hard August 20th
Faith That Works August 27th
Amazing Grace September 3rd
Evangelize The World September 10th
A Painful Lesson October 1st
Do You Care October 15th Tailgate Sunday
A Trip To God's Woodshed October 22nd
Salvation & Suffering October 29th
Do You Need Revival? October 5th

Recent Sunday Evening Messages by Pastor Andrew Billings

For Gods Glory August 20th
How To Recover Our Biblical Minds August 27th
Tools The Enemy Uses September 10th
Seeing thru God's eyes Sept. 24th
What Kind Of Clay Are You October 1st
Empowered But No Self Control October 15th
Wonderful Words October 22nd
A Donkey Says "What" October 29th
The Fiery Furnace October 5th

Recent Wednesday Evening Messages by Pastor Andrew Billings

What Christians think about the future Sept. 6th
When you don't know what to do Sept. 13th.
Five Healings Sept. 20th.
This Land is OUR Land Sept.27th
Pretty Woman Oct.11th
Overcoming the obstacles Oct. 18th
Training Camp Oct.25th
Times of Transition Nov 1st.

Guest Preachers

Randy Shol Missions Sunday September 17th
Jeffery Wright Missions Sunday September 17th
Neil Brown Friend Sunday September 24th
The Good Samaritan Oct.4th
Continue Josh Montana October 8th
Josh Montana October 8th p.m.
RichTozer NOV.12th
Dont Tell Me What I dont Want To Hear October 12th Rich Tozer
Bartimaeus answer Nov.13th
The Subtle Enticement Of The Serpent Of Eden October 14th Rich Tozer
How Great Things Jesus Had Done November 15th Rich Tozer